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Platforms:                           iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch     Android (coming soon)

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Copyright:       2011


                Today's Headlines:

      "Drop Cop: Catching drops for a living!"  - Soggy Day Times

      "Keeping drops away from the streets!" - Caught Today

Fun, Fun, Fun for Kids and Grown-ups alike. The aim of the game is simple - 

Catch whatever that drops, except those that pop :)

Two game modes scientifically paced for your personality. 'Light Shower' mode for those who have lots of patience and like the easy-going, leisurely things in life. Very appropriate for kids. 'Heavy Downpour' for the ones who want to get things done QUICK.. chop-chop.

As you catch more drops, you keep unlocking tricks/bonus/lifelines (8 of them). These will help you catch more and unlock more and score more. More, More, More fun!!

Preliminary studies by game's developers (on themselves) have shown the game to:

    * Improve hand-eye co-ordination

    * Concentrate on the task (bucket) at hand

    * Increase alertness and attentiveness

    * Put your strategy to work

    * Test your patience

Give it a try and remember:

                        When the drops fall fast, breathe till the last!   :)

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