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Novelty Cakes

Custom Personalized Cakes! Novelty Cakes!
  • Does your loved one want a specific B'day cake? 
  • Are you tired of the same ole bakery cakes?
  • Do you want to add a 'special touch' to your kids birthday party?
In today's fast paced world, we jump from one task to the other trying to complete them as soon as possible. But lots of time, we do not look back and think of whether the task was done to complete satisfaction. Birthday's are one such occasion, where your loved one is the primary focus, and you want the cake to be "Special". 

Barbie Cake

As the cake is the biggest attraction of the party, not only do you want it to taste great, but more importantly, you want to fulfill the wish of your loved one about how it looks. It could be because your son is crazy about Ben10, your daughter a big fan of Barbie or your husband ready to die for Cricket.When you get such a special request, pass it onto us and we will take the responsibility of making make your 'special' day even more special.

Guitar Cake

Order from us & get your wish fulfilled!

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