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India Car Compare

As a part of sharing the knowledge I had gathered over my quest for the best car, I wanted to post this online so others could be saved of the effort.

The premise: I wanted to get a mid-segment, decent sized car. Our current family car (which is my Dad's) is a Fiat Palio 1.2 ELX (love the car).

What are the parameters - 
  1. Comfortable seating for 4 - Good leg room
  2. Good boot space - on a weekend trip, I should be able to carry all and everything without compromise
  3. At least decent power - 1.4 L minimum
  4. Budget @10 Lakhs
  5. Air bags & ABS - Indian roads have come a long way, and maintaining speeds of 120-130 kmph is a norm. At those speeds you need these lifesavers
Below is a comparison of cars done at the end of 2009. The information maybe a bit old, so please do double check for latest. But the intent of sharing is to give you a foundation, so it helps you from re-doing the ground work. Chikitsu is all about helping people, making them better. What better avenue but to share the knowledge and allow people to build on it.


All Highest feature model within each car


Car Maker Honda Maruti Fiat Hundai Toyota
Model City SX4 Linea Verna Innova
Petrol/Diesel Petrol Petrol Petrol Petrol Petrol
Price (highest model within each) 10,64,000 9,10,000 8,62,113 8,51,944 12,83,215
Quote from Dealer Whitefield Honda, Bangalore Bimal Auto, ORR, Bangalore Prerana Motors, Bangalore Advait Hundai, ORR, Bangalore Nandi Toyota, Hosur Rd, Bangalore
Seating 5 5 5 5 7
City Mileage (kpl) 10.5 12 12.5 13 10.3
Hi-way Mileage (kpl) 16.3 16 16 18 12.7
CC 1497 1586 1368 1599 1998
Weight 1155 1200 1240 1152 1655
Ground Clrnce (mm) 160 180 165 170 176
Turning Radius (m) 5.3 5.3 5.55 5 5.4
Length (mm) 4420 4490 4560 4310 4580
Width (mm) 1695 1735 1730 1695 1770
Height (mm) 1480 1560 1487 1490 1755
Boot Capacity (lit) 480 505 500 352 Depends on seating conf.
Fuel Tank Capacity (lit) 42 50 45 45 55
Max Power (ps/rpm) 118/6600 102/5500 90/6000 103.2/5500 102/3600
Air Bags (both Front seats) Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Blue&Me in-built No No Yes No No
Keyless Entry Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CD/MP3/FM Tuner Yes Yes Yes
ABS/EBD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Looks Good (but some how doesn't look a complete car, kinda chopped near boot) Nice (lots of muscle, sturdy look) Excellent. (Italians know how to design) Decent Decent
Electric Adjust Rear view mirrors Yes Yes Yes
Remote Keyless Entry Yes

Auto Climate Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Steering mounted Audio, Blue&Me Yes

My Car Feature


Leather Wrap Steering


Alloy Wheels Yes

Reason WHY NOT?
2 lakh more for same features! 2 months delay, change in engine; Rear view and blind spot view problems, as the back of the car is way higher than front Seems like ideal choice!! Good car.. Good features.. Good price.. But no Air Bags, looks not very sexy! Too big.. Too retirement like.. Something to buy after 40 years old!

Thoughts to ponder:

    1. Do I need Air bags & ABS? Do I pay @50 K to 1 Lakh extra for it?
The answer is dependent on your driving habits. If you plan to go on long drives (maybe once in 6 months), traveling on some of the good roads (NH-4 to Pune/Mumbai or Chennai, NH-7 to Madurai or Kanyakumari OR NH-7 North to Hyderabad), then I think having both the features is a MUST. While there are safety measures that NHAI has put in place (cordoning off hi-ways, etc), there is no dearth of tractor trailers, bullock carts, tuk tuks, 2 wheelers traveling on the wrong side (especially near small towns through which these newly constructed hi-ways run). You can easily get blind sighted by such unforeseen vehicles...however good driver you are. Another threat I have seen is the bad driving habits. Most drivers do not look at the rear view or side mirrors before changing lanes (say one truck overtaking another). As car speeds of 120-130 kmph, compared to truck speeds of half that, ABS plays a vital role to stop short of any danger. I personally think an extra 50K to 1L is worth the safety net for our life.
   2. Speed v/s Fuel Consumption, what gives? (Different topic all together)

It depends. The two parameters are inversely proportional. If you travel at high speeds (say 120 kmph), your car 'average' (km per liter) will come down. And if you travel at lower speeds, between 65-80 kmph (recommended speed to get optimal 'average'), you may reach your destination a bit later than at higher speeds. How much later:

                   - 30 minutes  :  over   120 KM distance
                   - 1 hour          :  over   250 KM distance
                   - 2 hours        :  over   500 KM distance
                   - 4 hours        :  over 1000 KM distance

This means at higher speeds, we reach our destination @50% quicker.

If we do the reverse math: driving at optimal speeds improves the average by @ 25% (20 kmpl compared to @15 kmpl at higher speeds). This will ofcourse depend on your driving habits, your car, your road traveled, etc...but lets take an example above and indulge ourselves.

Comparing the above two, the tradeoff appears to be:

                 - 120 KM distance: Reach destination 30 minutes earlier OR save Rs. 106   (120/15*53 = 424 Rs minus 120/20*53 = 318 Rs)
                 - 250 KM distance: Reach destination 1 hour earlier OR save Rs. 220.50   (250/15*53 = 883 Rs minus 250/20*53 = 662.50 Rs)
                 - 500 KM distance: Reach destination 2 hour earlier OR save Rs. 441.50   (500/15*53 = 1766.50 Rs minus 500/20*53 = 1325 Rs)
                 - 1000 KM distance: Reach destination 4 hour earlier OR save Rs. 883   (1000/15*53 = 3533 Rs minus 1000/20*53 = 2650 Rs)

You make the choice!!

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