develops applications and provides services that help people in their day to day lives. Keeping the common man in mind, we like to provide solutions that help you be BETTER. 

Letter2Sound is one of our first initiatives. A solution that helps you learn new languages. It doesn't matter if you want your toddler to learn your native language OR are traveling to India on business/pleasure OR staying away from home in a non-native city for work; We hope to help you all 'thrive' in the alien environment. We want to give you tools that allow you to read road signs, shop names, government documents, etc. and become more competent within your day-to-day life. The iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch mobile app allows you to learn the basics of the Indian languages: Vowels, Consonants, Numbers, and bridges the gap between the sound 'ka' and the letter in the native language:  '' in Kannada and '' in Gujarati.

Backed by a track record of 15 year in developing and launching software applications, we hope to provide you with the tools and solutions that make life, a little bit easier.

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