Chikitsu has a couple of related meanings in Sanskrit. One aspect is about 'chikitsa', which is healing people; medically & spiritually. Another aspect is a characteristics that some people exhibit, which is to be aware about everything, to be wise, and be ready with all the knowledge. Such people are said to be 'chikitsuk' about everything, wanting to know more, all the time.

A combination of both is what the site hopes to achieve..know more and share that knowledge with people... and make them BETTER.


          चिकित्सु cikitsu - Wise, cunning  [या कल्पयन्ति... चिकित्सवः],  treating medically [सिद्धागदंकारचये चिकित्सौ]

        चिकित्सा cikitsā – Administering remedies or medicine, medical treatment, curing, healing.  [कित् स्वार्थे सन् भावे अ]

        Reference: Prin. V. S. Apte's English-Sanskrit Dictionary 

BETTER at what?!: Better at their current tasks.. Better at home.. Better at work.. Better by learning something new.. Better by helping them manage their day to day tasks. Overall, Better human beings!